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Seuss & Co

The new show by Drama Ties, inspired by the characters created by Dr Seuss, and the mysterious Doctor himself…

Atop a hill, on windy Mount Soledad, La Jolla, in California, lives a writer who can’t write, and is mistakenly thought of as an eminent scholar, who can cure all the miseries in the world. People come from all over the valley to see the new doctor in town.

Ted insists, and protests : he’s a doctor not, he’s just a writer with a writer’s block! But his moaning is quickly dismissed! Waltzing and prancing, singing and rhyming, his patients stroll through his consultation with the most peculiar afflictions ever heard of: first, in comes, a graceful gentleman who suffers from terrible boredom on rainy days, often gets himself into trouble and moves around like a cat wearing a funny hat.

Next to complain is a tall and bulky man with a pale greenish tan, followed by a short and jumpy fellow with a large moustache. There’s one that hates rhymes and Christmas, and his obsessions make him weep, the other one’s all confused and alarmed, he thought at the Mayor’s office he would be, to lament about the forest disappearing in one fell swoop.

Amongst this zany bunch, who would have thought that the sickest of them all would be the doctor himself? Indeed his own troubles are truly alarming, for how can a writer of children’s books be so afraid of children? He’s not only afraid of them, he’s TERRIFIED! And this fear petrifies and prevents him from writing! They all think, think, think, they think like puzzled “compadres” of the best way to solve their dilemmas, but unless you listen to them too, wallow in their sorrows, they might not find a way out of their troubles.

Will they find inspiration in each other’s stories? Would you help them through, letting go of all their worries? Would you listen to them too? Would you care for a story or two? Oh, I know you do. So come to see us at the theatre, think of all the great things you can do!

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Ecrit par Carla Tomé.
Avec Robert Brazil, Hanna Pyliotis, Alexandra Tomko, Jayne Walling.



  • Notre numéro a changé
  • 09 84 03 04 10
  • lundi au vendredi de 9h à 18h


  • Espace Maurice Béjart à Verneuil sur Seine
  • Centres d'animation Paris 19e
  • La Ligue de l'Enseignement - Fédération de Paris
  • Conseil Général du Val d'Oise
  • Académies de Paris, Créteil, et Versailles
  • British Council, Paris


  • Label européen des langues 2006
  • Habilitation de la Délégation Académique aux Arts et à la Culture de l'Académie de Paris


  • European language award


In this traditional fairy tale with a modern twist, Snow White is the fairest girl in the land – but also a rebellious teen. Her fed-up, vile stepmother, the Queen, hires a rookie hunstman to take the princess into the woods and bring back her heart. Can Snow White survive this treacherous scheme with the help of seven enigmatic dwarves? Snow White’s Black Heart is a terrific family pantomime full of folly and audience participation!

Avec une grande touche de modernité, redécouvrez ce conte traditionnel, dans lequel Blanche Neige est certes belle, mais aussi rebelle. Sa méchante belle-mère n’en peut plus. Elle recrute un apprenti chasseur pour emmener la princesse dans la forêt et lui ramener son cœur. Blanche Neige pourra-t-elle déjouer ce plan perfide avec l’aide de sept nains mystérieux ? Snow White’s Black Heart est un spectacle burlesque plein de surprises, de musique et de folie pour toute la famille et auquel le public peut participer ! Réservations mail@drama-ties.com



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