Saison 2016-2017

The Pied Piper


In 1284, 130 children disappeared from Hamelin. From this real event, the legend of the Pied Piper was born. A magical flute player who saves Hamelin from a rat invasion by playing his flute and leading the rats to their deaths. When the townspeople refuse to pay him, he plays his flute again, this time leading their children away. Yet stories change depending on the teller and their audience. Before fairytales became stories with happy endings told mostly to children, they were a way for adults to convey advice, warning and hope, to each other as well as the young. How do these old stories maintain relevance in modern times? What wisdom can today’s folk pass on?

This solo show reinvents the legend of the Pied Piper to explore three key issues of today: How women in positions of power are treated compared to their male counterparts; how decisions of one generation impact another; and the voicelessness of the young.

Featuring one riotous Countess, a crooked Pied Piper, five disgruntled villagers, some shifty rats and two innocent children, this musical tragicomedy, is “a twisted morality tale” for our times.

Ecrit par Hanna Pyliotis.
Mise en scène Hanna Pyliotis.
Avec Hanna Pyliotis.